Quabar des Monceaux and Ninon Castex
European Champions 2014
Jag de Bellouet
Winner of the Prix d'Amérique 2004
Flipper d'Elle and Laurent Goffinet
Percheron horse
National Stud presents his draught horses
Cadre Noir
Introducing its écuyères
Cadre Noir
The importance of a perfect dressage to jump
Cadre Noir
Presenting long reins work with a horse

Summary of the day!

More than 6000 visitors!

The Saumur Cadre Noir

The CADRE NOIR DE SAUMUR shows are always acclaimed by a large audience and the Normandy Horse Day was no exception! On this specific day, an additional platform had been added to welcome our 6000 visitors in the best conditions. The worldwide famous riding-school of CADRE NOIR DE SAUMUR which belongs to the UNESCO patrimony of all Mankind since 2011 delivered a brilliant show.

Swinging on the violin sound, executing light "pas de deux", courbettes and pirouettes, écuyers and horses dazzled the audience. Just before their beautiful entrance, the Norman draught horses, Percherons, Breton horses and Boulonnais horses from various French National Studs performed à breath-taking quadrille on the main arena of the Saint Lô Equestrian Pole.

Right after, the audience was delighted to meet with some of the greatest French Champions from now and before with Diamant de Semilly, Jag de Bellouet, Quabar des Monceaux, Mid Dancer, Flipper d'Elle amongst many others! The receptive audience gave a beautiful tribute to all theses exceptionnal horses with a thundering round of applause. A beautiful evening!

A big crowd attended the show!


NORMANDY HORSE DAY : A big success!

Normandy Horse Day was a unique event gathering for just one day, on September 5th, the elite of French genetique!

Put together by the main institutions of the French Equine Industry such as Société Hippique Française (French Equestrian Society), the Stud-Book Selle Français (French Saddle Studbook), the Conseil des Chevaux de Basse-Normandie (Norman Horse Council), de Cheval Normandie and the Pôle hippique de Saint-Lô (Saint Lô Equestrian Pole), this big sporting event was a great achievement which put on the front scene the excellence of the French breeding and riding throught various high quality animations.

A nice success story for the sales which main goal was to attract new prospects coming from abroad to attend FEI Alltech 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandie. With people coming from Australia, China, USA, South Africa or Brasil, the event drained an audience coming from 22 different nations among which 10 out of UE. Great success then, the day led to a lot of meetings between professionnals from all over the planet. Organizers showed 61 horses in the sales, more than 50% were tried and 15% sold on that very day, several negociations are still running. A good performance for the brand new unit Normandy Horse Business Center which was willing to use Normandy Horse Day to launch its yearly sales of Sport Horses as well as for SHF-Market and Cheval Normandie both co-organizers.

On the foal side, thanks to the traditional trade show, 10 foals were sold including 2 Selle Français going to Sweden and 1 for Belgium. A beautiful fair which was taking place in the historical yard of the National Stud gathering horses, cows and sheeps in front of a nice crowd.

There was also a lot of people attending the 2 and 3 year old Female Championships organized by the Selle Français Studbook. Coccinnella Batilly won the 2 years old Championship (Quaprice Boimargot x Quincy) and Si Kim Batilly SF (Burggraaf) won the 3 years old.

Cadre Noir